Jake Campus

Introducing Jake Campus, founder of Jake Campus Nutrition “JCN.” With a career spanning back to 2009, Jake, alongside his team of qualified nutritionists, has positively impacted over 20,000 individuals in the health and fitness space with his scientific approach to nutrition.

Beyond his nutrition expertise, Jake is a renowned professional bodybuilder, boasting an impressive competitive history in major federations like IFBB, WBFF and FMG. As a Men’s Physique PRO at the Olympia and a Muscle Model PRO at WBFF Worlds, Jake has participated in over 34 shows, including 12 pro events.

What sets Jake apart from other coaches in the industry is his extensive studies and qualifications including a degree in sport and exercise science, graduating with the top post graduate student academic achievement award in university. A post graduate degree in nutrition, physiology and musculoskeletal rehabilitation, as well as being a qualified strength and conditioning trainer.

His unparalleled experience has earned him a reputation as a leading science-based competition prep coach, helping over a 400 athletes make it to the stage and responsible for helping over 33 athletes achieve their professional status. Known for his strong athlete relationships and expertise in peaking protocols, Jake is truly a master of his craft.