Martin Rafelo

Over the past decade, Martin has spent most of his time working as a fitness coach and studying at university. Martin has a Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, and will very soon have a PhD in Exercise Science. This academic journey highlights Martin’s commitment to learning, love for self-development, passion for sharing knowledge with the wider community, and eagerness to make original contributions to knowledge through research. Whilst studying, Martin has published multiple academic papers and have also taught human and exercise physiology at university-level. Martin has managed a large workload, varying from part time to full time over the past decade, spending many hours working with clients in-person on the gym floor, and upskilling the next generation of personal trainers and exercise scientists. Martin also conducts national and international educational seminars on a regular basis and has presented at conferences in Spain, Singapore, and Bangkok. Martin takes a large degree of responsibility in his role as a coach and Education Manager at JPS Health & Fitness and employs the scientific method to inform his practice and guide decision making.