Paul Twyman

Paul has been deeply immersed in the fitness world for over two
decades. He started his journey in personal training before delving
into advanced studies with the prestigious CHEK Institute. However, it
was around 2013, when Paul was 37 years old, that he stumbled upon his
true passion: calisthenics, handstands, and flexibility training.
Since then, he has dedicated over 10 years to mastering and coaching
these disciplines.

He's had the chance to learn from some of the best in the world, like
Paul Chek, Ido Portal, Yuval Ayalon, Miguel Santana and Emmet Louis.
Now, he shares his expertise through workshops, group sessions, and
online coaching.

With a foundational background in strength training and a later
immersion into calisthenics, Paul empathizes deeply with the
challenges faced by newcomers, particularly those grappling with
limited flexibility and the demands of running a business and family
life. Now, at the age of 48, Paul's mastery is evident as he
effortlessly holds a 2-minute handstand, executes impressive feats
like the One Arm Handstand, multiple handstand push-ups and performs
handstand presses effortlessly. Beyond personal achievements, Paul's
true passion lies in passing on these invaluable skills to others.