Rhys James

Rhys has a strong vision to share knowledge across the industry in a multidisciplinary manner. He
aims to apply his knowledge practically to empower others to learn in an environment specific to
them. Throughout and beyond his post-graduate studies, he has encountered a variety of situations
to share his learnings. These ranging from professional soccer to public health and wellness within
leisure facilities. Each experience was as more valuable as another, helping to shape where he is
Currently, Rhys represent the world leading Wellness solution provider Technogym as a Format &
Education Specialist within Australia. Previously, he was fortunate enough to work at the
Headquarters of the company in Cesena, Italy and was able to experience first-hand all of the
fantastic research and development embedded into each new concept and follow it through to the
launch and activation stages of product a journey. Today, his aim is to expand the Technogym
Network in Australia through the means of education and formats.